Australia Bushfire


17 January 2020

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Effects Of Fire in Australia and the Tourism Industry

If you have been reading about the recent fires in Australia, you know how dire the situation is there. People have evacuated their homes, and there’s been a significant impact on the overall quality of life. The tourism industry is suffering as well since people are reluctant to travel to a country currently undergoing a crisis.


Although the fires are far from over, there was some relief. A set of storms has brought some much-needed relief to the region and has helped the firefighters make some progress.


According to the BBC:


Victoria, NSW and Queensland experienced heavy rainfall and floods in recent days, bringing relief to some blaze zones.


This fact is good news for people who have experienced significant issues due to the fire, and, of course, people are hopeful that this will represent a turning point in the fight and allow firefighters to continue to contain the blaze.


It’s also good news for the wildlife that has been ravaged by these fires. Many people have reported the significant displacement and death of wildlife within the region, which could have substantial long-term repercussions for the stability of the area. Hopefully, this most recent rainfall will help those animals and provide them the ability to migrate to safety.

However, while this rainfall helped contain the blaze a bit, it certainly does not mean the crisis is over. Officials have explicitly said that the crisis will continue for a while until they can bring the fires under control.


Of course, Australia is not the only region battling wildfires. Here in the United States, California has had its share of wildfires, and over the past couple of years the Pacific Northwest – both Washington State and British Columbia, Canada – have had their share of fires. With a changing world, unfortunately, occurrences like those in Australia and California will not be uncommon.


Travelers and hospitality providers should brace for this as a new normal. Owners of hotels and hospitality establishments in regions with the potential for wildfires should take adequate precautions to ensure that their structures have insurance that covers fire damage. They should also consider strategies and ideas for mitigating fire effects if they were to happen (like if there is smoke in the sky, installing filters to keep the inside air as pure as possible). Again, often with these fires, there’s not a lot you can do, but exploring ideas is vital to ensure that you provide the best possible experience for guests.


Ayvio, a hospitality company that specializes in Airbnb property management stated these bush fires are not only effecting wildlife and the geological environment, it is also affecting the travel industry. Millions of people travel to Australia to experience the wildlife and land. Thousands of homes have been burned down many of which were on Airbnb.


They also stated that they are saddened by these events but hopes that there will be continued rainfall to protect both wildlife and people. We also hope that in the United States, people and businesses will work together to create plans for these fires. We’ll certainly work with our partners and guests to create optimum experiences under these conditions and hope that other hospitality providers do the same!


If you would like to donate to the Australia wildfires, please consider a donation to the Red Cross today.

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