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13 January 2020

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The Ayvio Difference

At Ayvio, we deal exclusively with short-term rentals. People who have homes that they want to rent out typically have one of two choices. They can rent it out via a traditional long-term lease. This process involves finding tenants and signing lengthy contracts. Alternatively, sites like Airbnb and Vrbo let people rent out their homes for days instead of months or years. Typically, renters who peruse these sites are tourists looking for a place to stay temporarily to check out the city and experience it like a local.


Renting your home out with Airbnb can be quite lucrative, with some homes in high-demand areas fetching as high as $3,000 per week. However, there are also a lot of expenses and complications that come with that income. As the landlord, you need to find ways to give the keys to renters, clean the building in between guests, and perform any repairs for damages. These expenses eat away at your profit and can also make managing your Airbnb home seem like a full-time job.


Many people turn to dedicated Airbnb property managers to handle these day-to-day tasks for them. Having a dedicated property manager means you can passively earn Airbnb income without having as many headaches.


At Ayvio, we maximize your Airbnb income (as well as income from other sites like Vrbo). While we do manage your Airbnb properties, we are not like traditional property managers. Our unique way of managing and marketing Airbnb properties is transforming the Airbnb property management space. We’re not just about managing homes. We’re about creating experiences for guests and maximizing Airbnb income for our partners.


The Problem With The Traditional Airbnb Property Management Model


To make owning an Airbnb rental easier, many owners would turn to professional property managers. These companies would list the home on Airbnb, give the keys to guests, and handle any issues that arise during the stay. They’d do a little bit of clean up in between each rental.


In theory, this sounds like it would be beneficial to the property owner. In reality, there are problems with this traditional model.


The first issue is that Airbnb property managers often think like traditional property managers. The goal of the manager was to find stable tenants and perform the least amount of work needed to keep those tenants happy. A property manager might fix a leaky faucet with a quick fix that won’t last long-term, but it will maximize profit for now.


When this mentality carries over to Airbnb rentals, it doesn’t fit. Airbnb guests are not looking for their house (complete with all the standard everyday house problems). They’re looking for a fantastic experience and a place that they will remember. If they wanted something generic, they’d book a cheap hotel.


Second, property owners could tank their reputation by allowing a terrible property manager access to their home. If the manager doesn’t do everything required to prepare an Airbnb home for guests (e.g., they don’t clean the place properly between visits), then your rental income stream could suffer irreparably. Airbnb managers can sometimes be hit or miss in terms of talent.

How We Solve These Problems And Boost Your Airbnb Income

Ayvio solves many of the problems with the traditional property management model. We resolve these issues by having a trusted brand with guests and partners. Our property management solution is unlike anything else presently on the market. We focus on hospitality first, providing your guests with a rich, luxurious, hotel-like experience while staying in your local, non-tourist home.


By focusing on the experience first, we transform your home from being a run-of-the-mill property into a desirable destination for travelers across the globe. We bring the consistency of a 5-star hotel to Airbnb. When guests see our brand, they know they will be getting a premium experience with our custom home makeover package. That package ensures guests receive the luxury stay they deserve.


As your trusted Airbnb rental partner, we take care of everything to ensure your home is a premium experience from day one. We share our interior designs with our partners to ensure they have the resources they need to make their home luxurious. Our specialists work with partners to ensure that each home is unique, beautiful, and a place where travelers crave being.


Ayvio also positions your home to optimize revenue and maximize your chance of success. We create stunning magazine-worthy photography that will captivate potential guests and make them want to book your property. We advertise your property on Airbnb, Vrbo, HomeAway, and Additionally, our marketing team works to showcase homes across other platforms like social media and search engines. Our pricing technology ensures your home always fetches the highest possible price, given various factors. All of this combines to ensure that our partners have a hands-off experience with maximum income!


Finally, unlike other property managers that may not be well-versed in all that is required to run an Airbnb successfully, we have that knowledge. All of your guests will have a self-check-in option for their convenience. We’ll clean the home and equip it with cookware. We’ll make sure your home is restocked at all times and provide a 24/7 support contact, so if anything goes wrong, we’ll be there to help them.

Ayvio Maximizes Revenue

Crafting a unique experience pays off for businesses focused on tourism. Consider two hotels in a big city like LA or New York. The first hotel rents out for $100 a night and provides a mediocre experience. Online reviews say it’s cheap and passable for a few nights away. The second hotel rents out for $500 a night and provides a luxury experience. Online reviews rave about its quality and how fantastic the stay was.


Which hotel do you think earns more money? The second hotel does because it is a premium experience that excites people.


Imagine if your home excited people like the Four Seasons does in New York or the Ritz-Carlton in Los Angeles. That would boost your rental rates and lower your vacancy days.


Providing a premium experience is not the only way in which Ayvio boosts your Airbnb income. By partnering with us, you also receive access to our advanced, proprietary listing systems that dynamically adjust rental rates for maximum profit. Our rate system considers the weather, local events (such as sports games), and historical trends. Thanks to our brilliant data experts, it ensures you are always receiving the top price for your Airbnb unit.


The All-In-One Solution


Ayvio is your all-in-one short-term rental solution. Our software, services, and philosophy ensure you receive top dollar from your Airbnb rental. They also ensure that your guests have a fantastic time staying at your house and want to either extend their stay or come back again in the future.


Our slogan is “A new kind of Airbnb. Bringing hotel home.” We’re serious about revolutionizing the Airbnb marketplace by providing the comfort and luxury of a hotel in people’s homes. If you are interested in letting Ayvio maximize your Airbnb income by turning your home into a luxury hotel experience, get in touch with us today.

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    I can definitely see how you differentiate yourselves from the rest of the crowd. Ive been thinking of putting my home on airbnb and will definitely contact you when I decide to pull the trigger. Thanks for the in depth article, very useful information.

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